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zen garden bell

This Zen Bell hangs from a cord that is hand beaded with sea shells, bamboo, painted bamboo, glass, bone and mala (prayer) beads and combines a Chinese coin replica with a hand crafted porcelain 'shard' with the OM symbol. Each bell's beading will be different.

The Zen Bell hangs about 32 inches from the top of the cord to the bottom of the prayer flag.
The Chinese character for 'compassion' is on the Zen Bell

The lotus, considered a sacred lily, was a part of the art of the Egyptian and Buddhist philosophy. Traditionally the lotus represents the sacred center of the universe, the core of our souls; by contacting this pure center within ourselves, and discovering our most joyous dreams and acting on them, we create the environment to manifest our dreams. The Lotus is also called a 'mudflower'; with roots in the pond soil, yet in beauty the plant floats and blossoms on the surface. Comes with nice story card.

The voice of a bell speaks to your heart....Awake, awake....
hear the moment..........feel the moment...smell the moment.......
taste the moment..................Relax.......and ‘be here now!’.

On each Zen Bell is the Chineses character for ‘Compassion’.

Compassion is defined as a:
“Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.”

The hand crafted ' OM' ceramic symbol, celebrates all life, which is dependent on the gift from the cosmos of air or breath. Air chooses no one, but vibrates through all fauna and flora and folks. Each particle of existence is impregnated with energy and consciousness.We are all one as we breathe!

“We have to live in harmony and peace…this is not a dream,
this is a necessity.”   The Dalai Lama

On one side of the ceramic symbol the Character, which I created, is depressed, ‘internal’, representing the‘Yin’ or feminine spirit; the reverse side is embossed, ‘external’ representing the ‘Yang’ or male spirit. In’yo sura represents the ‘Yin/Yang’ concept in Japanese.

The ceramic symbol is woven into a hanging of black cord with mala beads (prayer beads), seashells, painted bamboo beads, glass and bone beads and a Cinese coin.

Front (words: Follow your Dream)

Item # Title Size Price
ZB-L Zen Bell With Lotus Prayer Flag
32" $38.00
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