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Artist Catherine Murphy
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Whether you're shopping for an avid gardener or a college student with a tiny patio, the perfect gift is just within reach and Jason and Molly are ready to jump in to help you find the perfect piece if you're having trouble. There's so much to choose from! The art is handmade by artists from all over the United States, from wood, steel and even recycled material. The pieces are charming and whimsical yet affordable with prices starting at $14.

From the start of your transaction through to the end, you deal with one of the company's owners. How refreshing! This handmade gift store is operated from a "customer is always right" mindset. Customers are valued here and because of that, the service is unparalleled. If your shopping experience isn't enjoyable, Jason and Molly won't be happy.

About Jason and Molly
Once upon a time a recent high school graduate named Jason Davis relocated to the town of Santa Cruz in California and got a job at the local Dominos tossing pizzas. While dining there one day, a high school senior named Molly became quite smitten with young Jason - so much so that she applied for a job there herself. After Molly started working there, it didn't take long for the pair to fall in love.

They eventually moved to Santa Barbara together where Molly attended the University of California to study Sociology. After she graduated, they relocated to San Francisco where Jason studied Finance at San Francisco State University. However, due to Molly's frustration with office politics and Jason's with the fact that most jobs in Finance require suits and ties, the pair decided to put their fancy degrees aside and work with Jason's mother, artist Judie Bomberger, to help with her rapidly growing art business.

The love birds married, had two children and spent the next 20 years working on that art business learning lots about the handmade gift industry and running a small business. In 2006, Molly and Jason decided to follow their own dream and focus on building a small business they had started several years beforehand. With Jason and Molly's shared passion for gardening and handmade art, their pet project GardenArt.com was re-energized and launched.

Molly and Jason have always worked as a team starting with their shared Dominos career right through to being co-owners of GardenArt.com. A relationship that began with pizza tossing has resulted in two children and a business that allows Jason and Molly the flexibility to see those children as often as they wish while they live the classic American Dream, happily ever after.

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